• Cobblefield-chardonnay


    Cultured Stone® Cobblefield® is designed to emulate the architecture of rural 19th-century America. Its rugged refinement makes it equally at home in residential or commercial settings.

  • Country Ledgestone - Echo Ridge

    Country Ledgestone – Echo Ridge

    The extensive palette of installer-friendly Country Ledgestone stone veneer differentiates one ledgestone from another. It also provides a more subtle blend of color.

    Country Ledgestone
  • Dressed Fieldstone - Wolf Creek

    Dressed Fieldstone – Wolf Creek

    The rugged look of Dressed Fieldstone complements any natural environment. Its rich texture and range of color enhance a multitude of architectural designs.

    Dressed Fieldstone
  • Drystack Ledgestone - Caramel

    Drystack Ledgestone – Caramel

    The texture and variation of Drystack Ledgestone capture both light and shadow. Individual stones come in carefully-selected, pre-shaped incremental sizes to accommodate tight-fitted installation. Its rustic color palette blends well with contemporary roofing and wall finishes.

    Drystack Ledgestone
  • European Castle Stone - Bucks County

    European Castle Stone – Bucks County

    Beauty that is timeless and installation that’s easy. European Castle Stone is as elegant as it is practical. Its patented interlocking mortar grooves create a precise, groutless appearance fit for stately exteriors and grand interiors alike.

    European Castle Stone
  • Limestone - Cedar

    Limestone – Cedar

    Molded from limestone quarried in the upper Midwest, Cultured Stone® Limestone replicates this popular building material. The rough, hand-split surface in a variety of colors lends itself to any number of possibilities.

  • Old Country Fieldstone - Romana

    Old Country Fieldstone – Romana

    Old Country Fieldstone brings country charm to the 21st century with a wide variety of looks. Use a wide, overgrouted joint to deliver a random Tuscan look or a sturdy rural appeal. A tight-fitted horizontal emphasis provides a more formal look.

    Old Country Fieldstone
  • Pro-fit Alpine Ledgestone - Pheasant

    Pro-fit Alpine Ledgestone – Pheasant

    Pro-Fit® Alpine Ledgestone provides a rustic outdoor look that’s easy to install. This precise, rugged Ledgestone texture provides color and shadow creation for a variety of design opportunities.

    Alpine Ledgestone
  • Pro-Fit Ledgestone - Southwest

    Pro-Fit Ledgestone – Southwest

    Pro-Fit® Ledgestone small-scale, low-relief stones are meticulously bundled together to form modular components of equal heights. The component pieces feature a patented interlocking mortar groove for a secure adhesion without grouted joints.

    Pro-Fit Ledgestone
  • River Rock - Lakeshore

    River Rock – Lakeshore

    Randomly shaped River Rock has the warm and inviting look of stones rounded by years of tumbling in a northern forest riverbed. Comfortable and timeless, River Rock can be used to accentuate a variety of interior and exterior designs.

    River Rock
  • Rock Face - Bucks County

    Rock Face – Bucks County

    Rockface is a perfect fit for two of today’s hottest looks–contemporary and Old World. Rockface not only lends itself to varying styles, but also to various applications including homes, signage, landscaping and commercial environments.

  • Southern Ledgestone - Walnut TF

    Southern Ledgestone – Walnut TF

    Southern Ledgestone offers a rugged and informal appeal with its rough texture and decided irregularity. Tight-fitted or mortared, Southern Ledgestone can be used to achieve a number of unique treatments.

    Southern Ledgestone